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Eating at Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market [노량진수산시장, no-ryang-jin-soo-san-si-jang] is Korea’s largest fish market and a popular place for sushi [회, hoe] mania. You stop at one of hundreds fish shops and order what you want, either an assorted sushi dish [모듬회, mo-deum-hoe] in money basis or specific fishes in kilogram basis. A 40,000 KRW sushi set is more than enough for 2 heavy eaters. You will also get remaining parts of fishes for fish soup with a dish you paid. Then you can either go to your home or go up to the second floor where you can “buy” a table among restaurants that only serve or cook fishes which customers bring with.

Those restaurants are called “source house[양념집, yang-nyeom-jip or 초장집 cho-jang-jip].” At there you pay 2,000~3,000 KRW per person as a table charge. Customers normally order a Korean-style hot fish soup [매운탕, mae-woon-tang] for 10,000~30,000 KRW (2~6 person) with the fish parts that they have with their dishes. Non-spicy soup [서더리탕, seo-deo-ri-tang] is also available.

Noryangjin Fish Market

Fish Shop

형제상회 [hyeong-jae-sang-hoe]: the market’s top fish shop
L 1st floor, #1951
T 010-6338-1138 (pick-up reservation recommended)

Source House

부산일번지 [bu-san-il-beon-ji]: relatively quiet atmosphere
L 2nd floor
T 02-813-7799

  1. As of Jan 2014. Location of all fish shops in the market is being changed every 2~3 years by draw